Dear Grandparents,

Ain’t it great?

Having grandkids.

It’s like the old adage, “If I knew they were this much fun, I would have had them first!”

Well, from one fappy (fat and happy) grandma of seven, I can say I often wonder how many of us old fogeys are out there tippy tapping on the keyboard. Having grands is great, but writing about them makes grandparenting even more fun.

Studying my grandkids has made me aware of just how different and unique each kid in a family is. For instance, Megan and Hannah are sisters and raised in the same home—no stepparents or anything like that. Why does Hannah hate to wear shoes? Why will she take a punishment rather than keep her mouth closed? Why does one girl cry at the drop of a hat and the other would take a cane whipping before she shed a drop. Why does Megan play music while Hannah composes?

The differences in brothers, Riley and Bryce, are astounding! Again, no broken home—same parents, same schedules, same everything, but completely different kids. I saw this in my own children, but for some reason, witnessing it in my grandkids just stuns me.

Along with the mystery of observing happy, healthy grandchildren is the joy of loving them – no matter how far away, how old, or how demanding they might be. And, they make life immeasurably better because I can write about a topic I love!

From the joyous side of grandparenting, I bid you hello,

Curly Grandma


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