Hello world!

Dear Grandparents,

Isn’t it grand? Having grandkids!

I truly bask in the pleasure of seeing and holding the offspring of my own babies. Seven of them! Each one different from the rest. Yet, each one so like the rest in many ways. And, all of them a gift from God.

Here’s an idea. Stay connected to your grands by writing letters. Stay in touch  by sending your love in old-fashioned envelopes. Type it. Handwrite it. Pencil it or scribe your letter in brilliant colors of ink. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just write. Enclose little jewels like coins or gum or stickers. Decorate your letters and envelopes. You can even perfume it just like they did in the old days. But, try correspondence for a unique bonding experience. Bring back the lost art of writing letters, and both you and your grandchild will be the richer.

Well, not only do I enjoy writing to my grandkids, I also enjoy writing about them. So much of what I experience as a grandparent is exactly what you might be going through. And, I like to write about it because you might read some of my posts and say, “Oh, yeah. I know what Curly Grandma means.” Or maybe you’ll read one of my entries and say, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.” Or maybe you might even say, “Hmm. I think I’ll remember that.”

If you enjoy even one of my posts, I am indebted to your attention and grateful that you thought it worthy of your time. So, I’ll thank you now for your interest.

Well, fellow Grandparents, from the grand side of grandparenting, I bid you hello!

Curly Grandma

Who is Curly Grandma? She is a real grandma with seven grandchildren.  Her name comes from her first grandchild, Megan, who learned to distinguish her two grannies with adjectives (hence the Curly). Visit Curly Grandma at her website www.curlygrandma.com and learn all about writing letters to grandchildren. On her site, get lots of information and free stationery. And you can even buy her book Curly Grandma’s Letters: Writing to Kids and Capturing Your Autobiography (Tate Publishing; available on Amazon.com). This blog and illustrations are not to be copied or reproduced without permission from Anita Bryce.



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